Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Math Reflection


I come across utility bills graphs, computer’s free disk space and my score graphs over the year. The utility bills graph help my parents to know how much are the rise and fall of the amount of money my parents need to pay, if the cost of the bill is high at a certain month, we can compare the two bars in the graph and then decide to save more electricity or water by offing the lights when not in use etc. Well, these utility bills are normally organized in graphs like bar graph and histogram as far as i know. And by knowing the computer’s free disk space, my parents would know when to buy to buy an extra external hard disk to contain the information they need for their work. Well, the free space is normally shown in a pie chart. Also, by keeping track in my score graphs, my parents will know if I did improve for my subjects or fail my subjects and by knowing these they can help me improve by sending me to tuition and helping me out.

       Base on my experience on Part 1 of the Performance Task, I can draw that by collecting the data to draw out the statistics was quite difficult, more difficult than reading statistics, but in the end I managed to overcome the difficulties which is miscounting of taxis when my friends helped me out.
       Statistics are also used in reporting situations, like some of the graphs in the news paper talking about the need of taxis, increase of population, increase of the number of dengue etc.

      When statistics are not presented properly, it may tweak or mislead the interpretation of the situation. For example, the price of a necklace you are selling is $7 and the normal price sold in other shops are $7.90, the graphs that you draw will show a big comparison only when more steps are added as you can see below: